Will I ever see out-of-date Web pages when using Propel Accelerator? (Article 1013)


Web page content can be marked by the originating site as:

  • Dynamic
  • Static, with caching policies defined
  • Static, with caching policies not defined
In the first two cases, Propel Accelerator users will have content updated exactly as the originating site intended. However, in the third case (static content without an explicit caching policy), there will be instances when Propel re-delivers content instead of retrieving it from the originating site. In such a case, Propel Accelerator's page caching rules ensure that content will never be more than a day old.

To force a refresh of a page to ensure the newest version of a page, click "Refresh" while holding the "Ctrl" key down. This will force a refresh of the page from the originating site.


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