Phone Line Noise (Issue 1368)


Line Noise Problems
Line noise can cause a variety of problems while trying to use the internet. These problems can be: having problems connecting, can disconnect the modem from the internet, and cause slow speeds.

The first way to resolve line noise is by plugging your phone line straight from the wall jack to the computer itself. This means removing any answering machine, fax machine, line splitter, and even a surge protector that is between your computer and the phone line. All of these devices can cause problems with getting disconnected, not getting online, and will almost always slow down your connection speed.

If you are still having problems with your connection try using a different phone cord to hook up your computer, also making sure it is less then 4-5 Feet long. If you hear the noise on more then one phone in the house then calling your phone company and explaining the issue should get someone out to test your lines.

In the mean time you can call Tech Support (1-888-866-4638 ext. 1). With most modems on the market we can provide an init string. This is a temporary fix while you are waiting on the phone company to test your lines.

After the phone company comes out and tests your lines this will most likely clear up any problems you were having. If you are still experiencing internet connection problems call into Tech Support (1-888-866-4638 ext. 1). Tech Support will see if there is anything else wrong with your connection or computer.


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