Keeping password(s) safe and secure (Article 1381)


Passwords are meant to be a secret.


You should guard your passwords like they were national treasures.
Also, you should never discuss your password with anyone but a Mercury Network employee.
Mercury Network will never ask you to give a password or account information by email.

Mercury Network only allows passwords with 6 or more characters and at least 1 number or special character.

Here are some useful tips in regards to creating passwords:
Don't use significant words or numbers.
A good password will not be in the dictionary.
Think of a phrase and use the first letter from each word.
Use different passwords for each account.
Replacing letters with numbers will turn a plain password into a more secure one.

Example of using a phrase:
Use a phrase or string of words as a password.
An example could be "I Came, I Saw, I Conquered", this could become "icisic".
Then you should add some numbers...
What you may come out with is, "1cis1c2".


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