eFax (Issue 1908)



Once logged in you will see a tab on the left that says "Fax". Click on this and it will bring you to where you will doing all of your faxing.

You will see tabs for the different areas of your fax portal -

  • • Inbox: This is where all of your faxes will come into when ever you get a new one. From here they can be viewed, downloaded, and archived.
  • • Archived: This is where archived faxes are stored. From here they can be viewed downloaded, or deleted.
  • • Outgoing: This tab shows faxes that are currently in the process of sending. It will give you info as to the status of the fax before it has officially made it to its destination. Once the fax has completed (or failed) it will either go to the Sent tab or the Failed tab.
  • • Sent: This shows faxes that were successfully sent. It will display the time/date of the sent fax and allow you to view or download the fax.
  • • Failed: This shows faxes that failed to send. It will also give details as to the error it received, allow you to view, and download the failed fax.

To send a fax you will want to click the "Send New Fax" button. It will ask for the destination (fax number of the recipient), whether you want to include a coversheet, and allow you to upload the document you intend to fax. You can upload the document by dragging and dropping the PDF into the field or by clicking the green "Upload Document" button and browsing for the file. Once this is complete click "Send" and it will send the fax to the outgoing tab. From there it will either succeed and go to the sent folder or fail and go to the failed folder with details.