Check Modem Settings (Issue 1004)


This article explains how to check your modem settings in Windows XP.


1. Click on your Start menu, then Control Panel.


2. Near the upper-left corner of the screen, click on Switch to Classic View under the subheading Control Panel.

3. Double-click on Phone and Modem Options.

4. You should be under the Dialing Rules tab at the top. The default location should be called My Location. Click on that and then click the Edit button.

5. Under the General tab at the top, make sure Tone is selected next to Dial using:. Click OK tab at the bottom.

6. Click on the Modems tab at the top.

7. Make sure you modem is highlighted and click the Properties button at the bottom of the window.

8. Under the General tab at the top, make sure Use this device (enable) is selected in the bottom drop-down menu. Click the Modem tab at the top.

9. You can adjust the modem speaker volume, or move the slider all the way to the left to shut the modem speaker off. Your maximum port speed should be set as follows:

56k modems: 115200
33.6k modems: 57600
28.8k modems: 38400
14.4k modems: 19200

Make sure a checkmark is next to Wait for dial tone before dialing. Click the Diagnostics tab at the top.

10. Clicking the Query Modem button will return information on your modem's manufacturer and your modem's software version. This is usefull for determining when you need to update your modem's drivers or find an init string for it. Click the Advanced tab at the top.

11. Under Extra initialization commands is where you would enter init strings for your modem. Click on the Change Default Preferences button at the bottom.

12. Under the General tab at the top, it is advisable to leave these settings as is. Click the Advanced tab at the top.

13. Unless you are having severe connection problems, leave these settings as is. If you are having problems connecting and staying connected, please call our 24-hour Technical Support at 1-888-866-4638. Click OK.

14. Back in the properties window for you modem, click the Driver tab at the top.

15. You can also find out your modem's manufacturer and software version. If it does not appear here you will have to query the modem under the Diagnostics tab at the top. Click OK.

16. Click OK in the Phone and Modem Options window.


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